Sunday 28th February Warwick Open

George Dunmow 19th in the Men’s Epee

Friday 7th July 2023 Veterans International, Paris

Sue Uff 1st in Category 4 Women’s Epee

Sunday 2nd July 2023 Hereford & Worcester Championships

Callum O’Shea 1st in under 14’s Epee

Oscar Townsend 2nd in the under 12 Epee

Sam Godbehere 3rd in the Senior Epee, with Will Osborne winning

Sunday 3rd July 2023 Much Wenlock Olympics

George Dunmow 9th in the men’s epee (and 3rd in the plate)

Sunday 25th June 2023 Bromsgrove Prep School  Epee

Edward Nuttall 3rd in the year 7 and 8 category

Oscar Townsend 4th in the year 5 and 6 category

Sunday 18th June 2023 England Youth Championships

Edward Nuttall 40th under 13 Boys Epee

Sunday 11th June 2023 Exeter Open

George Dunmow 13th Men’s Epee

Sunday 4th June 2023 GB Cup

Sam Godbehere finished 6th in the GB Cup Mens Epee

Sunday 4th June 2023 British Open Championships

Sam Godbehere 41st

Toby Alliband 76th

Sunday 4th June 2023 British Open B Nationals

Toby Alliband 12th

Saturday 20th May 2023 European Veterans Championships (Paris)

Sue Uff takes bronze in the foil, 6th in the Epee and 8th in the Sabre.

Sunday 21st May 2023 West of England Open

Sam Godbehere 10th

Toby Alliband 32nd

George Dunmow 45th

Saturday 29th April 2023 British Youth Championships National Age Group Finals

Edward Nuttall 25th  under 12 Epee

Sunday 16th April 2023 British Championships .

Guy Anderson 51st Men’s Epee

Georgina Mitchell 53rd Women’s Epee

Saturday 22nd April 2023  BVF National Championships

Sue Uff 15th (1st in category 4)

Helen Taylor 17th (7th among the category 1 fencers)

Sunday 9th March 2023 Birmingham International

Sam Godbehere 15th

Will Osborne 43rd

Toby Alliband 75th

George Dunmow 92nd

Sunday 26th March 2023 Merseyside Open Men’s Epee

Will Osborne 9th

Sam Godbehere 11th

Sunday 5th March 2023 West Midlands Epee Age Groups

Edward Nuttall 3rd in the under 12 boys Epee

Sunday 5th March 2023 Veterans Epee Age Groups Competition

Sue Uff 2nd in the 70+

Helen Tylor 5th in the 40+

Saturday 25th February 2023 West Midlands Senior Championships

Sam Godbehere 2nd in the Men’s Epee

George Dunmow was also fencing but had to withdraw due to illness.

Sunday 12th February 2023 King Edwards School Foil/Epee event

Keegan Moorcroft 15th in the Junior Epee (at his first competition)

Oliver Townsend 32nd in the Junior Foil winning a medal for best in pool.

Saturday 4th February 2023 Elite Epee

Toby Alliband finished 56th in the Men’s Epee

Sunday 1st January 2023 8th Leon Paul Men’s Epee Open

Sam Godbehere 14th

Toby Alliband 25th

Both good results given the level and quality of the entry (54 fencers)


Sunday 21st January 2023 Gloucestershire County Epee Open

Helen Taylor, Gloucestershire County Champion

Helen Taylor finished second in the Gloucestershire County Open Epee, and as the top county fencer wins the county title. 22nd Jan 2023

Sue Uff win’s three medals at 2022 World Veterans Championships

Sue’s World Championship’s haul of medals.

Bronze in Women’s 70+ Epee, Bronze in Women’s 70+ Foil, and Silver in the Women’s Team Epee

9th to the 20th August 2022 Commonwealth Fencing Championships

Sue Uff (Gold Medal, 70+ category of the Veterans Women’s Epee at the 2022 Commonwealth Fencing Championships) and proud coach, Nick Chapman

Sue Uff 1st in the 70+ category of the Veterans Women’s Epee, 8th over all in this combined 40+, 50+ 60+ 70+ event with 63 entries

Steph Rees volunteering at the 2022 Commonwealth Fencing Championships

Steph Rees working as a camera operator for the live streaming and video replay on the finals piste at the 2022 Commonwealth Championships in London

Nick Chapman working as DT at the Commonwealth’s

Club Coach, Nick Chapman, was the England Representative on the DT (Directoir Technique) for the 2022 Commonwealth Championships

Sunday 10th July Much Wenlock Olympian Epee

Sam Godbehere 3rd=

Will Osborne 6th

George Dunmow 14th

Sunday 26th June 2022  Manchester Open Senior Men’s Epee

Sam Godbehere 17th

Toby Alliband 31st

Saturday 21st May 2022 West of England Open (Bristol)

Will Osborne                       21st Men’s Epee

Zara Martin-Green          23rd Women’s Epee

Sue Uff                                  25th Women’s Epee

Sam Godbehere               30th Men’s Epee

George Dunmow              67th Men’s Epee

2022 Veterans European Teams Championships

Sue Uff’s European Team Championships Medals 2022

Sue Uff was a member of the British Team for the European Veterans Championships at all three weapons.

Her teams finished 2nd in the Sabre, 3rd in the Foil and 6th in the Epee

Another two international medals for Sue. Well done.

British Senior Championships

Sam Godbehere 110th in the Men’s Epee

Sam Godbehere 14th in the Men’s Epee B Championships

GB Cup

Will Osborne 5th in the Men’s Epee

Saturday 21st May 2022 West of England Open (Bristol)

Will Osborne                       21st Men’s Epee

Zara Martin-Green          23rd Women’s Epee

Sue Uff                                  25th Women’s Epee

Sam Godbehere               30th Men’s Epee

George Dunmow              67th Men’s Epee


13th February 2022.

Senior World Cup Barcelona Georgina Mitchell won three lost three to be seeded 120 out of 269. After losing her 256 fight she finished 175th.


12th 13th February 2022.

British Modern Pentathlon Championships.

Josh Mitchell  6th in the fence 19V 8D, 10th over all

Guy Anderson, 10th in the fence 16V 11 D, 5th over all

Ed Norton 12th in the fence 14V 13D, 14th over all


30th January 2022

Josh Mitchell passes his British Fencing Level 2 Epee Refereeing exam.



Weekend 7th 8th March 2020

BUCS Modern Pentathlon Championships
Georgina Mitchell won the over all event finishing with 17 victories and 3 defeats in the fencing, and her team, Loughborough Uni Women’s, came second to Bath Men’s A.

British School Teams
Josh Mitchell and his team mates from King Edward’s Stratford finished 5th in the under 18 Epee

Weekend 29th February 1st March 2020 British Veterans Championships
Sue Uff 14th (top category 4) in the Foil
15th (top category 4) in the Epee
21st in the Sabre
Lubor Bystricky 44th in the Epee

Saturday 22nd February2020 European Cadet Championships, Porec (CRO) Florin Mirica 46th out of 133 in the Epee

Saturday 8th Krakow (POL) European Cadet Circuit Epee
Josh Mitchell 85th out of 205.

Sunday 9th West Midlands Senior Epee
Will Osborne 3h in the Men’s Epee
Sam Godbehere 3rd in the Men’s Epee
Both of these are qualifying results for the ‘2020 GB Cup’, well done lads.

Sunday 26th January West Midlands Epee Age Groups
Will Osborne 5th in the under 18’s
Josh Mitchell 6th in the under 18’s
Both of these are qualifying results for the ‘2020 British Youth Championship National Finals’, well done lads.

January 2020
Romanian Cadet & Junior Championship National Championships
Florin Mirica
2nd Cadet Individual Epee
1st Cadet Team Epee
3rd Junior Individual Epee
Three events, one of each type of medal

Saturday 18th January British Under 23 Epee Championship
Georgina Mitchell 20th

Saturday 11th January Bratislava (Slovakia) European Cadet Circuit Epee
Josh Mitchell 296h out of 343.

Saturday 30th November Copenhagen Cadet International
Josh Mitchell 100th out of 181 in the Men’s Epee

Sunday 24th November W.A.G.E (Warwick Age Group Epee)
Will Osborne 1st in the under 19’s.

Saturday 16th November Grenoble Cadet International
Josh Mitchell 124th out of 164 in the Men’s Epee

Sunday 10th November Welsh Open
Will Osborne 35th in the Men’s Epee

Saturday 9th November Cocks Moors Woods Epee
Ed Norton 37th in the Men’s Epee

Sue Uff in the Evesham Journal October 2019

Sue makes it into the papers!










Saturday 19th October Belgrade Cadet Epee (Serbia)

Florin Mirica’s Gold and Bronze

Occasional club attendee Florin Mirica took the bronze medal in the Boy’s epee at this European Circuit under 17 event. An excellent result in a field of 106 from 13 countries.

On the Sunday he, and some of his friends, then went on to take Gold for Romania in the team event.

Well done Florin.

Thursday 10th October World Veterans Championship Le Caire (Egypt)

2020 World Vets Medal
Sus Uff’s Silver medal from the 2010 World Veterans Championships 70+ Womens Epee

Sue Uff took the Silver medal in the 70+ women’s epee despite being seeded 10th after the pools.
She beat the higher seeded German 10-9 in the last 16, a French woman 10-7 in the last 8, an Australian 10-8 in the semi before going down by one hit to the number 1 seed (From Finland) in the final.

Well done Sue, 2nd in the world.

Our recent International medal winners Ed Norton and Sue Uff


Saturday 5th October Miller Hallet (Senior Mens Epee Open)
Will Osborne finished 66th (out of 92)

Budapest (Hun) Cadet International
Josh Mitchell 118th (out of 322)
Marcus Richards finished 126th

Sunday 6th October Budapest (Hun) Cadet International Teams
Marcus Richards in ‘GB 3’ finished 25th (out of 53)
Josh Mitchell in ‘GB 5’ finished 40th

Masters European Championships Budapest (Hun) 18th to 22nd September

Ed's Medals from European Masters 2019Ed Norton won gold in the 30+ section of this Pentathlon Event, getting best fence across the whole competition (only dropping 5 hits).
He also gets Gold in the team competition and Silver in the men’s relay event.

One trip, three medals, two gold. Well done Ed.

British Junior Championships, Sports Dock, London, 23nd September

Will Osborne, British Junior Championships 2019
Will Osborne (right)


Marcus Richards 41st

Will Osborne 44th






British Cadet Championships, Sports Dock, London, 21st September

Josh Mitchell 19th

Marcus Richards 23rd

BRC Under 20 Epee, London. Saturday 14th September


Florin Mirica 2nd
Will Osborne 26th
Marcus Richards 40th




Shropshire Open Men’s Epee, Telford. Sunday 15th September
Florin Mirica 5th
Guy Anderson 19th

August 2019 Guy Anderson wins National Tetrathlon Finals

Guy Anderson with National Tetrathlon Trophy August 2019